It is Pride Month!!!! At Tasty Talks we would like to recognize and support some of our favorite cookbook authors who are in the LGBTI+ community. Donating towards great organizations like COC Amsterdam, Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation, and A.S.V. GAY is great way to support the LGBTI+ community.  But if you are looking to invest in a cookbook why not support the authors in the community to spread their stories, creativity, and of course yummy recipes.

1. Start Simple by Lucas Volger

Bring out your creativity with basic stuff you have in your fridge and pantry such as eggs, beans, and sweet potatoes. If you are a vegetarian these recipes are to die for! He gives you 11 food ingredients that you should keep stock of in your house. It takes simple vegetables that you have in your everyday fridge or pantry and gives you a well rounded meal. For protein you will need tofu, beans, and eggs. This can make weekly meal plans with a range of easy to complex recipes.


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About the Author

Lucas Volger is an author, food writer, and creates recipes. All of his recipes are all vegetarian. He normalizes a balanced diet using basic ingredients that you could have in your house that is just sitting around. He also is a co-founder of Jarry, which is a uniting platform for foodies in the queer community.

2. Big Gay Ice Cream by Bryan Petroff and Douglas Quint

I hope you love ICE CREAM! These recipes come from a wide range of easy to complex. As you create your tasty creation, you can also listen to fictional stories with fun illustrations.


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About the Authors

The company started with an ice cream truck in New York City in 2009. During a panel sponsored by the American Express U.S. Small Merchants Group, Doug Quint started it with the mind of using creativity and earning an extra buck to survive the living in New York City. They created products that were unique to their company and fun products based on celebrities and brand collaborations like Captain Morgan, Disney, Michael Kors, and many more. Through the years they created a successful business opening up 3 locations in New York City and catering business. If you ever find yourself in New York City stop by one their stores Big Gay Ice Cream.

3. Tasty Pride by Jesse Szewczyk and Tasty

There is a diverse array of recipes and stories from the LGBTQ community. Listen to the heartfelt stories that may make you cry, laugh, and make you feel hopeful with people overcoming obstacles. For the recipes you can find colorful meals, desserts, and appetizers.


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About the Author: 

Jesse Szewczyk is a food stylist and cookbook author in New York. He has raised over $50,000 for the LGBTQ+ community. You can tell that he is passionate about sharing peoples stories of pride through the connection of food. In this book he partnered with Tasty which is a branch of buzzfeed to deliver this beautiful book to hundreds of people.

4. Jew-Ish by Jake Cohen

This A New York Times bestseller! It is in over a thousand households. Jake Cohens is creating modern recipes and reviving his favorite dishes from his Ashkenazi heritage. He added hints of flavor from his husband’s heritage of Persian and Iraqi. Some of the creations you will see are: Roasted Tomato Brisket, Short Rib Cholent, and Iraqi Beet Kubbeh Soup. 


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About the Author: 

Jake Cohen is from New York City and now lives there with his boyfriend creating meals. He studied at the Culinary Institute of America. Now creating modern meals from his heritage for us all to enjoy.

5. Drinking French by David Lebovitz

Drinks for every occasion from a morning drink like coffee to a fun party drink. Each drink comes with several food pairing recommendations and recipes. The inspiration of his recipes came from the culture of drinking in Paris. David added anecdotes of where he found the best places to drink and snack during his time there. If you were ever to take a trip to Paris definitely try one of the spots he recommends. 


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About the Author: 

David Lebovitz has a wide array of cookbooks and recipes on his site that look appealing to the eye and mouth. He is a high Ranking Pastry Chef in the USA. In his recipes he likes to focus on using the fresh vegetables or fruits that are in season and complementing them with his recipes. Majority of his recipes are made from things that you can find in your pantry.


This year is celebrated with delicious foods from every day eating to a little treat. 

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