Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can become a host? 

Someone who loves to cook/ is a professional chef/ hobby cook/ is confident about her/his skills of hosting and cooking, someone who has a passion for sharing food and culture with new people. It is also for someone who would like to host food tours and food retreats. 

2. Does Tasty Talks provide a location for hosting events? 

At the moment, no. The idea is for you to be able to host limited group events in your home or at some other location like a kitchen studio or a garden picnic or party. 

3. Do hosts get money for the events they host? 

Yes. Hosts decide the price of the event according to the raw material and effort it takes. A markup of 20% is added to the host’s price and that is the final ticket price. The markup accounts for taxes, marketing and administration costs Tasty Talks incurs for these events. If there is a different kind of collaboration, the financials change. 

4. What if I don’t have a space for hosting? 

Then we look for places and studios to host your events. Please mention that when you apply to be a host.

5. Is it allowed to host in my home?

Yes. As far as your neighbourhood doesn’t have any restrictions over people visiting and you host events in your home as hobby, and charging people for the costs of raw material and your effort, it is okay to host these events and workshops. 

6. Is it necessary to have a HACCP certification?

It will come handy and will help you follow better hygiene practices when serving guests and preparing food. Please consider taking an exam. It takes a couple of hours. If you have a registered food business, operating out of home, make sure that you are following the HACCP guidelines in general too.