Lebanese Dining Events

The best hummus and falafel in Amsterdam are made by this guy and he is the most hospitable and caring host there could be (to the extent that he bought indoor slippers for his guests). His ways are extremely neat, has a welcoming aura and a beautiful home where he welcomes guests for the dinners- all this makes him truly stand apart. His business is called ‘Food by michel’ and he does catering for private events and birthday parties along with weekly markets in Amsterdam Oost and West. We love him! 

What people say about Michel’s events –

It was amazing! Such a Fantastic host. His food was delicious and there was so much of it. I’m so pleased we were able to go. – Michelle

“Michel, we (my daughter and I), love this evening! We laugh, exchange as we have the opportunity to do! And Fanny met this Canadian from Toronto (with whom we laugh!) who passed on contacts in his filed of work(yoga) in Geneva!awesome!! thank you a thousand times and see you next!” – Sylvie

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Here’s a glimpse of events with Michel