Indonesian Kitchen & Gyozas

Rocking Amsterdam, with her gyoza business, Meity is a start host with Tasty Talks. People love her for her hospitality, attention to detail and delicious food. Known for her Indonesian cooking workshops, gyoza classes and Chinese dumplings classes, her workshops always run-in full capacity and leave people wanting for more 😊

What people say about Meity’s events –

The workshop (Gyozas) was fantastic and both, my son Javier and I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you. Of course, the rest of the participants were amazing and that helped. I also liked that time was not limited and that all things were explained from 0, without shortcuts and also a few good tricks. Great !” – Alejandro Rafel

“Now this is the kind of cooking workshop I’m talking about! I got my hands dirty, learned how to make traditional Indonesian food that I fell in love with back home, and it was just such a treat for me! Meity’s patience and kindness in teaching, and the aroma’s from the spices transported me back home, and I had A LOT of fun. Would definitely do Tasty Talks again from this experience!” – Sada Picoulet

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Here’s a glimpse of events with Meity