Taste of Portugal & Mozambique

In her beautiful abode in Houten, she is ready to host Mozambican food experiences. Eurice has has her own company called – Touch of creation. Eurice is famous for her online class in which she teaches how to prepare “Pasteis de Nata”

What people say about Eurice’s events –

“Very good, relaxing and fun. You intervention from time to time was very helpful. We enjoyed it – await the next one”

“It is super yum. Thank you so much for organizing”- Claudia

“This event was superb! I have been assisting Nil with her workshops (camera and logistical support). Or watching Nil as she enjoys someone else’s workshop. This time it was my turn to enjoy cooking. I have a long history of enjoying pastéis de nata but had never even thought of trying to make them myself. Eurice’s workshop offered not only a tasty treat but a ray of warmth from places I know well and miss very much –Portugal, Mozambique and Brazil. Many thanks to Eurice, Tasty Talks and my fellow participants.” – Philippe

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Here’s a glimpse of events with Eurice