Event Date:

September 24, 2023

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5:30 pm

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Manasi's home

We Present to you – MANUHAAR – The art of Hospitality in the Western State of Rajasthan, India.

Home to the desert lands, this state has some of the most interesting dishes in the Indian cuisine. What’s amazing is that the availability of more grains and less vegetables in the region yielded creativity of the native people to use the available resources and hence the cuisine of Rajasthan was created. Within the state, there are regions that have variations in their cuisine. In this event, we pick a beautiful city of Rajasthan – Jodhpur.  Because of the grand success of our previous Jodhpuri Thali event, we are hosting another one, this time with a little menu difference from the last time.

The people of Rajasthan are well known to be the most hospitable people in India. With the belief that your Guest is your God (Atithi Devo Bhava in Sanskrit), they leave no stone unturned to stick to what they are best known for – Food and hospitality.

We invite you to experience this culinary journey with us to discover the cuisine of Jodhpur, and discover how a simple humble meal made at every home in Rajasthan can stir emotions for anyone who experiences it.

You will be dining in the home of the founder of Tasty Talks, Manasi and this will be a collaborative dinner in which during the First One hour will be spent cooking together by everyone. While most of the preparations will be done before hand, we will be finishing up some of the dishes together which will give the guests an opportunity to break the ice and know each other.

On the menu, we have an authentic Jodhpuri Thali with elements of Jodhpuri home, street and festive cooking.

KACHORI – Savory Rajasthani pastry stuffed with spiced lentils, a culinary delight

Mirchi Vada – A delicious street dish, you have bell peppers stuffed with spiced potatoes, dipped in chickpea flour and deep fried.

GATTE PULAAO – Fragrant rice with gram flour dumplings

CHANA DAAL – Split chana Daal, with a recipe that is a staple in Jodhpuri weddings

TAKKAR ROTI/ KHOBA ROTI – A special type of bread made of whole wheat, pinched artistically to give it a beautiful texture

KADHI – Tangy yogurt curry, a perfect blend of flavors with a delicious temoering of fresh curry leaves, red chillies, methi seeds and mustard seeds


DHUNGAAR VAALI CHAACH – Buttermilk but with a twist of coal smokiness/ Lassi

KHEER GHEWAR – Intricately layered sweet, like a honeycomb served with rice pudding


Join us to experience the richness, hospitality, and warmth of Jodhpuri cuisine and walk down the memory lane as you eat family recipes.


Price – 40 euros pp ex. BTW

This meetup is limited to 8 spots only, so get your tickets soon 🙂

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  • Manasi's home
  • Oostakkerstraat 83
  • Amsterdam
  • Netherlands

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  • September 24, 2023 5:30 pm   -   8:30 pm
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