Navratri Thaali and a dialogue about significance of Indian fasting

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March 26, 2023

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2:00 pm

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Our host, Shuchita is all set to create an immersive dining experience in her home in which she will introduce you to the fasting food of the Navratri.

Starting Wednesday, 22nd march, many hindus across the world will begin fasting for 9 days to seek the blessings of goddess Durga(and her nine avatars). During these days, people eat Sattvic food and abstain from consuming onion and garlic and perform rituals and pujas as per hindu rituals.

Shuchita is going to be putting together a beautiful, pious and Sattvic Thaali which is not only unique to your taste buds but has beautiful stories attached to its existence. This is a cuisine that is made only during these days of the year (mostly) and has an intrinsic emotional value attached to it, much rather a sense of nostalgia.

The Menu: an elaborate thali with a lot of sattvic dishes

Sabudana cutlets – a cutlet made using tapioca pearls – crisp and brown- a pure delight 

Kuttu poori – puffed bread made using buckwheat flour 

Samak Khichdi – amak khichdi is a popular dish eaten during Indian fasts, especially during Navratri and other religious occasions. It is made by cooking samak rice (also known as vrat ke chawal), which is a type of grain that is permitted during fasting, along with vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, and peas, and flavored with spices like cumin seeds, ginger, and green chilies. Some people also add peanuts or cashews to the dish for added flavor and texture.

Aloo ki sabji –  A curry made in tomato gravy with potatoes – this one is paired with the Kuttu poori
Raita – Yoghurt dish on the side 

Different types of chutneys – Corianer chutney, tomato chutney, Imli Chutney 

Dessert – Rabdi – Shortened thickened milk dish sweetened with sugar and a flavor of cardamom with a topping of nuts (Shuchita’s most loved dish)

Accompanying drink- Jaljeera 

In addition to the food, we will also be having a knowledge session about fasting culture in india and it’s significance. Shuchita will share a lot of insights and knowledge about the different fasts in india and their significance.

In shuchita’s home, the food never stops flowing and you can eat to your heart’s content <3 (means no portion sizes like when you eat in a restaurant)

Price per person – 49.5 euros per person including taxes


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  • Shuchita
  • Zichemplein 10
  • Amsterdam
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  • March 26, 2023 2:00 pm   -   5:00 pm
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