Navratri meets Ramadan – Cross Cultural Dinner

Event Date:

April 9, 2022

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6:00 pm

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Oostakkerstraat 83

In a very unique way, we are bringing two different religious fasting rituals together through this Cross Cultural dinner.

Chaitra Navratri, celebrated during the Lunar month of the Hindu Calendar spans over 9 days. Traditionally, people observe fasting through the day and the fasting rituals allow the use of specific vegetables and grains during these 9 days. It’s a festival celebrated in India.

Ramadan, the 9th month of the Muslim Calendar, is celebrated worldwide by Muslims fasting through an entire month, in which the Muslims don’t eat and drink anything the whole day, and finish the day with Iftar (meal).

In both Navratri and Ramadan, food is the binding force and the reason why friends and family come together. It’s at the dinner table that the most beautiful memories are made.

We want to share this experience with you and therefore invite you for A Cross Cultural, inter-religious dinner. Rada, a well known Food Blogger with the famous blog Syrian Foodie is joining hands with Tasty Talks to create this unique experience. We are co-creating an environment for exchange of food, culture, dialogue and unity.

We will be serving 8 dishes, community style. 4 traditional Navratri dishes and 4 Syrian Iftar dishes.


Sabudana Khichi – A dish made of Tapioca pearls, traditionally eaten during fasting days

Chana Poori – Black Chickpeas cooked in spices along with a puffed Indian Bread.

Aloo ki sabji – Indian curry made of potatoes tossed in spices and tomato puree

Makhaana kheer – A dessert made using lotus seeds and evaporated milk

Eetch – Syrian Bulgur Salad

Kabab Hindi – Syrian Meatballs cooked in tomato sauce, served with Pita Bread

Mujadara – A traditional Lentil Pilaaf from Syria

Layali Lebnan – Griesmeel Pudding which is very similar to Sooji ka halwa from the Indian kitchen

The table will have a lot more side dishes, sauces and chutneys, home made jams and cheeses.

Be ready for great hospitality, heartwarming conversations and music from both cultures and gezellig vibes!

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  • Oostakkerstraat 83
  • Oostakkerstraat 83
  • Amsterdam

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  • April 9, 2022 6:00 pm   -   9:00 pm
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